Propose a project

Any trainee WOSTRAQ member may submit a project proposal by completing the online form. The committee will select proposals for distribution to the WOSTRAQ members for a vote to select which project to take forward.
Once a project proposal has been selected to be run by WOSTRAQ, the proposer will be designated the Regional Project Lead for that project unless he/she wishes to delegate this to someone else. The Regional Project Lead will be responsible for the overall running of the project, with the support of the committee.
It is the responsibility of the Regional Project Lead to present and/or publish the results of the project.
If they are unable to or do not wish to, they can delegate this task to a committee member or another WOSTRAQ member who has made a significant contribution to the project
Obtaining the correct approvals from the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel, ethics committee and local Caldicott Guardians are the responsibility of the Regional Project Lead.

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For full details, including authorship rules, please refer to the WOSTRAQ constitution